Kids learning coding – Why and When to start?

Learning to code can be a great way for kids to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills at a young age. It also helps them see the world through to completion. When we teach our kids to read and write, we are preparing them to interact with the outer world. Considering the same, in today’s world full of technology, it is important to prepare them to interact with the different technologies. You can say, in today’s tech world, being able to code is just as important as being able to read.

Why your kid should learn Coding and
what is the best age to start coding?

At first sight, people think that it is difficult to learn code and a kid cannot learn programming at an early age but it is not the complete truth. Instead, the truth is that anyone can learn to code. It is just guiding your computer on what to do in a machine-friendly language. The earlier you will accept it, the earlier you will train your children with the right tools.

Why should kids learn to code?

As technology becomes more prevalent, coding is becoming a valuable skill for 21st-century individuals. It’s helping to transform every aspect of society, from banking to healthcare. Even if you are able to read this blog on our website, it is because of coding. As the programmers built the website and made it live to the world. Through coding, kids can become makers of technology by developing their imaginations.

Also, Kids who code at an early age excel in math and science at school. Along with that, this skill will prepare them for the future job market. As a teacher or parent, we should all work together to make sure that our kids are equipped with the necessary tools and education to thrive in an entrepreneurial environment.

When should kids start learning coding?

Kids usually begin with drag-and-drop visual programming in which they connect blocks to make a particular program. It helps them in learning programming concepts and logic without writing code. Once they learn the fundamentals of programming, they can transition to real- world programming languages like JavaScript, C, C++, and Python. Kids of all ages can learn to code and fundamentals and topics are the same for everyone.

So what’s the best age to start coding? Or when should kids start coding?

It is never too late or too early to start programming. There is no perfect age or one-size-fits- all program for kids willing to learn to code. It all depends on their interest. Also, there are multiple languages available to support your kid’s imagination and coding journey. You should start with a basic language and later for a more real-world and advanced language. Also, the ability to code at an early age will help your kid to build a career in the STEAM industry and will develop a problem-solving and creative mindset. Even, if you are not looking for STEAM for your kid, a fundamental knowledge of computer science and programming will help your kid in every virtual and technical aspect of their future.

  • Elementary School: The idea of starting with coding at an early age like this may not seem good but our kids are growing in a completely different world than we did and they are going to compete in a advanced world than us. Kids are acquainted with electronic devices like smartphones, iPad, computers, and TV as early as books. That’s why computer literacy is important for them.

In Elementary school, kids can start with a visual block interface or drag and drop elements like Scratch. This will help them in developing logic and problem-solving ability. Also, you can teach them basic digital aspects. This will also help you in identifying if your kid has an interest in coding or not.

  • Middle School: At this level, kids will be familiarized with various software and hardware and can write and read proficiently. Therefore you can introduce them to text-based coding and can encourage them to build small projects. They can learn HTML and CSS to create a simple web page or they can create small projects in C or C++.
  • High School: You can select programming language and courses based on your future path. There are multiple languages to support you in every technical field. So you can ask your kid to their favourite field they are willing to advance more and then you can help them in learning a programming language for the same. Even if they are not interested in a technical career, a basic knowledge of programming will help them in university.

In Summary,

It is a good choice to start coding at an early age and can help your kid in completing a world of technology. However, it is important to consider their interest in the first place. If they are interested in any other field then you should not force them to code. And if they are really interested in technology and coding then support them with the best resources and courses to help their coding journey.

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