Robotics For Kids and Beginners

Before we delve into details of robotics for kids, let us understand what robotics is.

What is robotics?

Robotics Course is a new fun way to teach STEM concepts to kids through robots. The kids are taught to make their own robots. They are guided and aided at each step of the way, to ensure that all the mechanical and programming concepts are clear to them.

Why Robotics for Kids?

With so much focus on robotics courses training for kids these days, you may often wonder why are they needed at all? As parents, we may not have not really familiarized ourselves with this branch of science yet. There is still a lot of hesitation in understanding the benefits that robotics programming courses can provide to your child.

Benefits of Robotics Training for Kids

Let us look at some of the key benefits of robotics training for kids:

  1. Enhance Problem-solving and creativity

In a robotics program, each robot that the kids build allows them to analyze and solve a given problem. Each robot has a purpose. Every time a child encounters a roadblock in the process of building or programming robots gives them an opportunity to think through the problem and come up with a creative solution for it. Thus enhancing their overall problem solving and strategizing skills.

  1. Joining a Robotic Course is a fun way to learn computer programming skills

It is a well-known fact that in order to succeed in today’s competitive world, programming skills are a must. When kids work on their robots, they are required not only to focus on the mechanical aspects but on the programming too. The kids these days are really interested in computer programs and games and want to learn robotics programming to bring out their creativity.

  1. Science and Maths

Well, this might be the most lucrative benefit of robotics classes for kids. A good robotics teaching program focuses on teaching science and maths. It is very interesting and engaging for the kids to see the theory of science come alive. They can see a lot of scientific concepts in motion through their robots. They learn about electricity, force, the strength of materials, etc. It is for these reasons that the Robotics Course is now a part of curriculum in a lot of schools too.


What is the right age to start robotics?

Honestly, there is no ‘right’ age to start teaching your children robotics. Robotics for kids can be started as early as 4 years!! You can start with basic moving toys and mechanics kits. These toys help in building a problem solving and creative mindset in young children. Early exposure to machine-based toys and kits develops their interest to learn and grow further in the areas of STEM learning. Lego robotics Classes are a great way to introduce your kids to robotics.

Formal robotics programming courses, however, start from around the age of 7. More advanced programs are then designed for kids over 10 years of age.

How to get kids interested in Robotics ?

The easiest way to develop your kids’ interest in robotics programming courses is through mechanical toys. For the first introduction to robotics, you could also enroll them in trial classes over the summer holidays to check their inclination. In addition to this, introduce the kids to the right media. The right kind of TV shows and youtube videos go a long way in creating that first spark for the love of robotics. There are also a lot of educational apps and games in the market today which cater to robotics for kids. You could also start a small project or two with kids at home and get them curious about the subject.



In conclusion, kids who learn robotics programming have better problem solving and analytical skills. Kids learn the STEM concept in the most fun and practical way possible. This goes a long way in building their lateral thinking and preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow.


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