4 Stages of LearningChess – Absolute Beginner to Advanced

Chess is a one-of-a-kind game that requires immense patience, well-developed skills, intelligence, presence of mind, and strategic thinking. It is more of a journey as you go through every single step of learning, unlearning, and relearning. Therefore, you need to practise the sport devotedly, day in and day out, to ace the moves and become a better version as a chess player.

This read-up is primarily meant for you if you have a strong passion for chess and desire to be a significant someone in this field.

How to analyze a chess game?

Discover how to analyze your game in 5 steps, and know the 5 reasons why game analysis can make you a dangerous chess player. Analysing your games is an indispensable part of improving in chess. No matter how many puzzles you solve, how many games you play or how many classics you learn – nothing can substitute the knowledge you gain from such analyses.

5 Popular Women GMs That Will Inspire Every Girl Child

These 5 popular women with GM titles have shown us what women are truly capable of in chess. They have broken barriers and set new records and fought neck and neck with their male competitors. They are a constant source of inspiration for many young girls to take up chess professionally.