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We teach Rubik’s cube foundation with simple stories rather than algorithms 

Rubik’s cube is not just a gadget or toy – it has millions of patterns that challenge the brain. Since the invention of Rubik’s cube in the 1970s, the cube has evolved in various shapes and sizes – so is the methods to solve them.

While there are about 20 standard variations of the original cube, there are literally hundreds of other new variations coming up.  Google has released the Chrome Cube Lab in association with Ernő Rubik to create and upload customized versions of the Cube.

Why Rubik's Cube?

Children learning rubik’s cube not only learn the skill but gain pattern recognition, breaking down complexity, develop the ability to solve problems by focus, patience and practice.

  • Visualize and recognize colorful patterns
  • Understand, memorize and apply several algorithms
  • Hand and eye co-ordination
  • Develop patience and eye for detail

Rubik's Cube Variations

3×3 Foundation cube

4×4 cube

5×5 cube

Mirror cube

Gear cube

Pyramid cube


2×2 cube

Axel cube

Standard Gear cube

Ghost cube


Snake cube

Square I cube


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