Robotics classes for kids

Our robotic courses are carefully structured such that the student understand and practice the concepts while trying out their creative best!

  • Kids learn easy to learn, block-based coding
  • Visual coding and robot construction hands-on
  • Functioning of LEGO Mindstorm EV3 Robot, Arduino, Dash, and dot robots
  • STEM-based training and project co-ordination from skilled IT professionals

Dash & Dot Robot

Dash and Dot robot are suitable for very young children starting from age of 4. The Robot is cute and has excellent movement. Children can do programming with drag and drop style simple interface.

As they learn the movement of the robot, they can do simple projects like

  • Traffic patterns
  • Push the garbage
  • Play tennis

We teach them in simple step by step lessons that builds on previously learned topics.

Lego Mindstorm Robot

Lego Mindstorm robot combines the joy of building a robot part by part and writing software for controlling it.  The programming is simple drag and drop interface which connects the robot by way of bluetooth.

There are plenty of Robot construction projects to try out. Children who are interested in only construction can download and use the programs directly to activate their robot.

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