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Scratch Programming For Kids

Scratch Coding For Beginners

Programming as a course teaches the basics and understanding the coding concepts. On learning, children can decide to take this up as their stream of education while they grow up!

Programming course majorly has 4 streams:

The kids can learn this concept into four stages:

  • Introduction to animation
  • Colors and their effects
  • Learning the flow
  • Movie making

Game Development:
Kids are trained to learn to code and develop simple games using the following methodology:

  • Introduce them to key concepts of programming
  • Teach them algorithms and logic
  • Train them to develop basic games
  • Enhance their skills to develop interactive multi -stage game concepts

Web and App Development:
Creating and maintaining a webpage is both fascinating and challenging for young minds. Our programs are structured in a way that engages them and develops their creative skills. The structure followed is as follows:

  • Introduction to Programming concepts
  • Help the child understand forms and styles of web design
  • Train them to create and maintain pages and design them for the purpose
  • Developing Operational webpages and troubleshooting
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    The basic age for joining our course is

    • 5 years for animation course
    • 7 years for game development
    • 10 years for web/app development course

    We do not provide jobs to the kid, but upskill them to face the challenging world outside