Our Bangalore Chess Academy: A Chess Wonderland for Your Child

Welcome to our Bangalore Chess Academy, a place where your child’s chess dreams can become a reality. We offer both online and offline chess classes, catering to students in multiple countries. Our academy is known for its Chess Classes, Online chess coaching, and being the Best online chess academy with the Best Chess coach.

Our Offline Academy in North Bangalore

We are excited to announce our new offline academy in the Kothanur/Hennur Area. This state-of-the-art facility can teach up to 100+ kids at a time, making it one of the largest chess academy facilities in all of Bengaluru. The academy is equipped with modern amenities and a conducive learning environment that ensures your child gets the best chess education.

What Makes Our Offline Academy Special?

Our offline academy provides an excellent over-the-board tournament experience with tournaments happening every month. We even run tournaments for parents too! Apart from chess, we also offer classes for Rubik’s cube and Robotics. Our professional classroom provides a scholastic chess learning experience that is unparalleled. The academy is designed to foster a love for the game while also instilling the discipline and strategic thinking that chess requires.

Hybrid Learning: The Best of Both Worlds

At our academy, kids can take a hybrid form of classes – some classes online and some classes offline. This flexibility allows students to learn at their own pace and convenience. The hybrid model also allows students to enjoy the benefits of both online and offline learning. They can interact with their peers and teachers in person at our offline academy while also having the flexibility to learn from home through our online classes.

Online Classes: Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Our online classes offer timing flexibility from Morning 5:30 AM to evening 9 PM IST. These classes are strongly backed by the world-class ChessKid platform online, allowing parents to see the progress of their kids anytime. The online platform is user-friendly and designed to make learning fun and engaging. It includes interactive lessons, puzzles, and games that help students improve their chess skills while having fun.

Meet Our Coaches

Our excellent chess coaches are friendly to kids in coaching. They teach in both online and offline streams, ensuring a consistent learning experience for your child. Our coaches are experienced players who have a passion for teaching chess. They use innovative teaching methods to make learning chess enjoyable and effective.

Celebrating Success

If you are living close to North Bangalore and want physical activity, visit our Offline academy in Kothanur. If you are living a bit far away but can travel to North Bangalore, you can take online classes regularly and attend special classes, academy tournaments, and tournament preps in our offline academy. If you are living outside Bangalore, take our best-in-class online classes.

What is Suitable for You?

Our students have won many tournaments and our offline academy has received the best academy award. We believe in celebrating every victory, big or small, as each one is a step towards becoming a chess champion. We regularly organize award ceremonies where we acknowledge the hard work and achievements of our students.

To get to know more about our academy, you can also check out this ebook about our online academy.

So, what are you waiting for?

Our location:
Mind Mentorz, No. 45 First Floor, Sector 2, Hennur – Bagalur Road, Kothanur, Bengaluru – 560077

Choosing the right chess academy for your child is an important decision. At our Bangalore Chess Academy, we provide a nurturing environment that fosters a love for the game while developing skills and strategies. Whether it’s through our online or offline classes, we’re committed to providing the best chess education for your child.

Ready to start your child’s chess journey with us? Visit saswath.academy today!

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