Online Hindi Class for Kids

Learn Hindi right from basic alphabets all the way to full essay writing. Be it preparing for school curriculum or learning Hindi as a language we got your children covered.

We approach teaching Hindi with a focus on practice. For basic levels, we teach Hindi via English. At intermediate and advanced levels, we teach Hindi via Hindi.

Hindi is one of the most popular languages and it is been taught in schools all over the country. For children having other languages as mother-tongue, Hindi is seen as a challenge. Children often try to avoid or ignore Hindi in preference to other subjects due to the way it is been taught. We believe learning any language requires a gradual immersive curriculum and student centric teaching.


What we offer ?

  • Each level: 16 one-hour classes
  • Study Material: Lessons, Homework, Practice worksheets. First 3 Levels based on NCERT Hindi curriculum.
  • Medium of teaching: English.
  • Book your trial class for Rs. 199/-
  • Each level is divided into 16 one-hour classes. In these 16 hours, the student gets understanding of the language at that level. The teacher helps them build up vocabulary in the class and after the class. There are also worksheets, practice tests to measure the learning. All the material and classwork/homework are maintained in Google classroom.

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