Online Chess Class for Kids

We teach Scholastic Chess in a child friendly format, help children gain confidence and become passionate about the game. 

It takes years to master Chess. With our innovative approach, children pick up the idea of chess much faster. We do chess as a sport rather than academic. Children learn chess as team and perform individually.

Playing chess helps kids become mentally strong and agile, gain focus, patience, analytical thinking and a mindset for success.

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Chess Training in 5 Levels

We have the comprehensive learning framework, with levels divided by ratings,  tailored for children starting from beginner to advanced. While children put in their hard work in practice, our trainers help in learning concepts and game analysis.

Online Chess Coaching

Chess lessons online

Learn chess both in-class and after class

No other sport has been so technical and technological than Chess. We understand the need to include technology in our coaching. Therefore, we have powered our coaching with ChessKid.com. This is one of the safest portals for kids in learning Chess.

Children can play games with other kids, solve puzzles, go through video lessons in the portal.  Coaches and parents can track their daily efforts and overall progress. This also helps parents visibly see their child improve over time.

Chess Curriculam

What your child learns at each level and the target rating to move to next level!

Lower Beginner
Principles of chess


ChessKid Rating

Learn to make legal moves, understand basic concepts such as check/checkmate

Upper Beginner
Analyze & Improve


ChessKid Rating

Learn to analyze mistakes, how to avoid them, understand threats and opportunites

Lower Intermediate
Strategy & Tactics


ChessKid Rating

Make plans, identify patterns from puzzles, make tactical moves. See through opponent moves, make purpose oriented play.

Upper Intermediate
Theory & Practice


ChessKid Rating

Learn advanced concepts such as zugzwang, fortress etc. Play different forms of Chess including rapid, blitz, bullet formats

Openings & Positional Play


ChessKid Rating

In-depth game analysis, prepering opening reportoires, positional and strategic game play. Take advantage of opening and end game advanced strategies.

Learn from experts with best tools!
  • Apart from classroom learning practice puzzles and games at home with Chesskid
  • Keep track of rating improvement and improve game play
  • Lessons, Videos from grandmasters available anytime, anywhere

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Online Chess Coaching

Chess helps you to concentrate, improve your logic. It teaches you to play by the rules and take respon-sibility for your actions, how to problem solve in an uncertain environment.

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