Abacus Classes for kids

Math is a complex subject with very simple attributes, all combined together. Our course design is such that kids enjoying learning and building number concepts.

Many children feel math is tough because the focus in teaching them is more towards speed and accuracy. We believe building a passion for math is by allowing the child to discover beauty in the numbers. We follow a gradual dedicated teaching method that helps the children practice the fundamental arithmetic on their own pace and evolve.

We help to visualize the concept by way of tools and examples. With a backdrop of structured Abacus math curriculum, our teachers do tailor for each child according to their ability.

We help your kid become a math genius!

Online Abacus course

Abacus Math is best suited for children in their foundational years that is of 5 to 10yrs of age. This course focusses on mental arithmetic ability in children and aims to achieve speed and accuracy.

Abacus Mathematics Levels & Curriculum

  • 10 levels of standard Abacus training
  • Abacus Junior classes for children of 4 to 6 yrs
  • 5 Foundation levels and 5 Advanced levels
  • Self-paced level completion, typically 3 months
  • Weekly 2 hour session
  • Daily practice of 15 mins needed
Online Abacus Classes
Self-paced learning
We make practicing a lot more simple by way of easy excercises, mentoring and guidance. Children are not pressured by time,
Abacus Classes for kids
Whole Brain Development
Children learning Abacus math perform well in other subjects too!
Abacus Classes for kids
Online Portal Support
With child-friendly portal, virtual Abacus, simple tutorials and guidance in online, learning math is never been so easy.

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