Mind Mentorz and Saswath Academy

Mind Mentorz has been mentoring kids and promoting Chess close to a decade now. Well-established as a professional organization for learning scholastic Chess in both virtual and offline modes, Mind mentorz also offers add-on programs comprising of Coding, Cube solving and Robotics for kids.

We at Saswath Academy, initially started as a franchisee of Mind Mentorz and later on moved into online-only operation during the 2020 pandemic. Since then, Saswath Academy has grown to be the go-to place for kids from different countries as a professional chess learning academy.

During the pandemic times, Saswath Academy merged with Mind mentorz bringing a lot of synergy in chess coaching, especially in conducting tournaments, advanced level training, more variety of coaches. we are not only strengthened with each other’s years of experience but also benefit from the individual talents that each of our professional coaches bring to the table.

Furthermore, we are gearing up on technological improvements including personalized learning experience for kids, a wholistic complete learning information platform (KIMS) that brings transparency to both parents and coaches in the progress of students. Parents in Bengaluru can now have the option of both physical in-class and online classes. We are working on networking with other schools and academies to enable students from multiple cities to have in-class and online options.

With a richer variety of coaches trained in diverse backgrounds, we are better equipped with handling individual talents and provide the training they truly deserve. Our mantra remains unchanged, to nurture the competitive spirit of the Chess in the young minds and to inculcate the philosophical aspects of the same.