Some of the most frequently asked questions answered here.
If you need more specific answers you can contact us.

Do you teach Chess or Programming courses for adults?

Currently we teach chess only for children.

My child age is 4 or 4.5 years old. Can they join?

We suggest waiting until they are over 5 years old. All these classes require certain level of understanding and thought process. By age 5, most children will be ready to pickup skill.

I don’t know if my child will show interest in the course and learn. Can I try?

We offer one free trial class to see if our format works for you, whether your child enjoys the class and they can understand the teaching. With just one class, not much can be learnt but children often need at least a few classes to pickup an interest.

Sticking consistently to a class schedule and encouraging the child to experiment on their own after the class, helps them to pick up interest. If you think, the course has value and want your child to learn, all they need is right environment and encouragement. So go ahead and enroll, if it is not working out, you can cancel anytime.

Do you offer certifications?

Yes, children get level completion certificate for chess and coding courses, apart from the Chess tournaments and Hour of Code competition certificates.

Do you offer one on one private training classes?

We offer private 1×1 training classes only for Coding and Rubik’s Cube course. For Chess, we provide only group classes. We believe group training is more effective for a challenging sport like Chess. There is a reason why even Grandmasters keep a team for their practice. If you have only one trainer, then your child misses out on the opportunity of multiple perspectives and being prepared for a highly competitive environment.

Will my child get chance to speak in group class? Will it be chaos and noisy?

We understand this legitimate concern. Our coaches are exactly trained to address this. Although it’s the nature of children to be vocal when they know something, we ensure every child is given due attention. It also helps boost the confidence for a child when they get appreciation among other children and over time they open up and talk.

How long will it take to learn Chess?

Learning the basics of the game could be taught relatively quickly. However, becoming a consistent winner can take years of training and practice. Our teaching method allows your child to practice the concepts and strategies of chess and put them into immediate use while playing against their peers.

How does your flexible schedule work?

We have a curriculum structure that’s divided into 8 class cycles. This is the reason we don’t run with fixed set of start and end dates. Children can join a level at any time. Just as net practice in Cricket or Football, we teach Chess also as sport, with focus on practice. Milestones in Chess are different than in academics, like math or science. Every 8-class cycle uses set of concepts from different perspectives. We ensure the child gaining ratings by applying the principles and move on to the next level.

Can I get refund if I change my mind?

Yes, we refund the fees paid after deducting for any classes already attended. No questions asked.