We follow Praful Zaveri & ChessKid.com formats. There are 5 levels of curriculum available. We have tie-up with chesskid.com for mentoring the kids. They can learn online and offline while having coach support them with their game analysis. We have clubs and monthly tournaments.

This is a skill and not academic. The more time the kid spends on chess, the faster they move to next level. You can track your progress in chesskid.com score card. Kids start off below 800 rating in chesskid.com and they are in beginner level. From 800 rating onwards they are in advanced-beginner level. Once they cross 1100 ratings in chesskid.com, they are into intermediate level. Above 1500, the kids reach upper intermediate level. So the faster the kids take to reach the ratings, the sooner they move to next levels.

We give certificates for tournaments that happen monthly.

ChessKid.com membership helps track how the child plays games and solves puzzles etc. The coach can see and analyze the games with the child and provide insights.

For Chess, the cost for 8 classes (one hour each) over starts from Rs. 2400/-. For ChessKid.com Gold membership, or other discounts, please contact coordinator.

We recommend chesskid.com is a must have, as it gives ability to track the progress.

ChessKid.com is a professional babyfied platform, safe for children to use.

We work from Tuesday to Sunday. Timeslots will be given based on the availability. We cater to international students and our schedules are available from morning 7:30AM to 09:00PM IST.

We conduct monthly tournaments, across Mindmentorz clubs. External tournament information is available in our website, and we help kids prepare for that if they want to participate.

Scratch & Python

Scratch is block based coding. The curriculum is to understand the programming concepts, apply the learning, collaborate with other kids and build projects. A list of concepts available below.

Kids above age 12 can learn Python. Python is a modern language and our coaches can teach the kids both the programming and software engineering concepts.

For basic course, it takes about 8 to 10 sessions. Beyond that to complete the entire curriculum it takes about 24-40 sessions. Depends on the speed the child can learn.

Yes, we do give certificates for scratch coding.

For 8 sessions, would cost Rs.3000. For discounts, please contact the coordinator.

Our coaches can help, improve the concepts learnt so far and introduce new paradigms.

Scratch: Given this child-friendly programming methodology, the child can absorb complex programming concepts easily to their level. This exposure will give them the advantage to get into the computer science stream better than others.

The kids will be able to explain basic programming concepts, create simple games, and animation from scratch. They can move to Python after completing scratch.

The scratch program is available online and can be directly shared as a link to others. These programs can also be exported and kept offline.


We prefer for newcomers to take 1×1 and intermediate/advanced learners for the batch. There is no price difference.


We work from Tuesday to Sunday. Timeslots will be given based on the availability.
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