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Chess is a mind game played with a skill that can’t be thought in 4 walls like a subject. It involves a lot of thought process and ability learning’s which we teach the kid practically from the beginner to the advanced level.

Every Child will be given ratings at each level that will help the child’s progress. The classes will be for an hour and made for 8 sessions. For more details please check the brochure.

All kids above 5 years of age can enrol in this program and our medium of teaching is in English. On coaches’ availability we can arrange a 30 min classes for those kids for whom 1 hour session looks difficult.

Our classes are mainly groups which contain 3-6 kids. Group classes are effective for your kid in learning as they get multiple views and thoughts.  Chess as a game needs more perspectives than individual thinking.

Attention is equally distributed in a group class that no kid misses out on any attributes of this skill learning. Our professionals handle this skilfully.

It all depends on the pace of the kid that they pick the skill on.  Regular practice will help them learn the skill well and advance to the next level. We have a tracker in place that can be checked at chesskid.com score-card


Our operating days are from Tuesday- Sunday 7.30 AM – 9.00 PM IST. Time slots are designed based on the trainer’s availability.


Tournaments help kids to develop a competitive spirit and enhance their playing skills as well. We frequently conduct tournaments with the group class and monthly tournaments amongst all students. Information of external tournaments and their schedule will be updated in the Events section of our website regularly.



We concentrate on 4 types of programming

  • Animation programming
  • Game programming
  • Web development
  • Mobile App development

All of our courses are for 16 sessions and every session is for an hour. Based on the program that you choose, one should complete the course in 2- 3 months. We make sure we conduct Hour of Code competitions periodically.

By taking these courses, the child can absorb complex programming concepts easily to their level.

This exposure will give them the advantage to get into the computer science stream over others

We prefer for newcomers to take 1×1 and intermediate/advanced learners for the batch. There is no price difference.

We work from Tuesday to Sunday. Timeslots will be given based on availability.

We take care while maintaining a safe distance among the in-class students and are also providing online class options. All the material and surfaces in the classroom are sanitized. Our staffs also ensure safety protocols at all times.

Coding is a combination of logic and reasoning. If your child can understand the concept of “Doing this can make momma angry” or “My beautiful drawing will be applauded by my papa” and can read and write alphabets and numbers, they can learn the basics of coding.

Coding is logical thinking whether onscreen or off-screen. Your child can make the best use of screen time by building something instead of just going over the existing ones again and again


Increased reflexes, pattern match and right brain stimulation and development are some of the advantages of learning cube solving


Robotics can only make your child smarter and more creative and future ready!

Certifications are testimonies of completion of a certain course, however what matters most is the skill that he/she has developed during the course.

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