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Learn programming from Scratch


Scratch Coding For Beginners


Scratch coding is specially designed for children so that they can pick up coding through a block-based visual programming language. We are offering Scratch Programming and Coding Classes online as well as offline Classrooms based live Classes for kids. The learners can create online projects through a block-like interface. It is called scratch coding because, like a DJ, moves the turntable to make different music mixes and adding effects. Similarly, scratch coding is a blend of various media like graphics, other programs, as well as sound in a creative way to come up with animations and video games. By using scratch coding, the children can now become familiar with coding. They can now produce technology and not just be consumers of it.



Scratch Coding and programming Online as well as offline Course For Kids.
Learn programming From Scratch.

Benefits of Coding For Kids

The advantages of scratch coding are manifold hence gaining a lot of popularity in schools, educational institutions, summer camp activity centers, etc.

  1. It is a great tool to integrate creativity, which helps educate children through :
    • Storytelling
    • Games
    • Animation
  1. Kids can now do their own projects or collaborate with others and put them up online as well
  1. The latest technological skills sets can be developed with the help of scratch coding
  1. Any kind of curriculum isn’t a hindrance to teaching scratch coding because teachers can create them as per their needs and can share their resources with others too.
  1. Children of varied ages can use this programming language as well as adults who have a fascination to learn new things.
  1. Scratch coding is utilized in more than 100 countries and is found in 40 languages
  1. It is a well-designed tool to help teachers who have to work with bilingual curriculum or ESL students
  1. Since its freeware, and people can access it for both personal or academic usage


Coding for kids

Scratch is an amusing and easy way to learn programming. Children can do programming by simply dragging and dropping code blocks in the order they want and the program does perform actions in the same manner. There are hints for the coder to pick as they use the blocks for coding, as each block is shaped differently to suggest what is used for by the grooves present in the block. The grooves establish connectivity either at the top or bottom. If it doesn’t have that, it cannot be part of the code. The colors on the blocks are also of huge help to understand the computing concepts. As the children learn the coding, there is so much fun and live-action for the kids to see and make them laugh, interact, and dance as well. It’s a place where your kids could be the next avid computer game designer, an aspiring animator, or budding artist as well.

How to enroll for Coding Classes ?

Scratch comes with two streams. If the child is less than 6 years old, they can enroll for Scratch Junior; and above 6 years of age they can enroll for Scratch programming. Both are similar in that Scratch Junior is even more simplified for 5 year old child to grasp the concept of programming.

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