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Our coaches train children both online Chess Class for kids, class-room and a combination of both. We also offer one-on-one coaching as well as group classes. We provide textbook and online support for kids

Online Chess Coaching  – Learning Chess

Chess as a sport has evolved into a vast body of skill and knowledge. It is almost impossible without a mentor to master the sport. With trained professionals and FIDE rated coaches, Saswath Academy is positioned well to teach Chess to children at all levels. Our coaches train children both online, class-room Chess Classes in Bengalore , India and a combination of both. We offer one-on-one coaching as well as group classes. The courses are based on Praful Zaveri textbooks curriculum and also includes teaching with and

Learning Chess Framework for Kids

Chess Academy For Kids

Our coaching methodology is based on two parts. One is class room mentoring and for self-practice with Once the kid joins the class, we provide basic membership with and the kids to our Chess club. The coach will be able to track and help the children by reviewing their games in is one of the safest websites for kids to use online. For in-depth game analysis, we use as the main tool  .

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Beginner Coaching – Chess for kids beginners

Beginner classes take the kids through a series of basic introduction to piece movement, rules and objectives, strategical thinking and mastering the basics. The children also learn how to note down the games with Chess notation, so the coach can review their games. We provide textbook with pictorial lessons and online support for kids to practice and learn. Kids also pickup lot of puzzles and improve their board vision.

Intermediate Coaching and Training 

Children who are already familiar with chess basics and can fairly play at about a rating 1000 and above, qualify for intermediate classes. Coaching for this level includes opening variations, analyzing games, middle and end game strategies, positional understanding and tactics. At this stage, children need to actually play a lot of matches to gain the skill. With group classes and collaboration with other children by way of clubs online and offline, our academy helps to improve the kid’s skill. Our Chess coach, goes through the games played by the kids and mentor them to avoid the mistakes and lost opportunities, thereby helping them improve overtime.

Advanced Coaching

Children who are beyond 1500+ rating and want to boost their rating fall under this category. The coaching involves in-depth game analysis, openings with gambits and attacks, exploring major openings, more tactics, traps and mating nets etc by FIDE rated coach. With our monthly tournaments, children get the best exposure to professional Chess.

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