Saswath academy has trained coaches who offer both online Chess coaching and in-person coaching for teaching chess for kids. There is an option to choose both online and offline as per the child’s convenience. The game involves skill and knowledge. We have excellent mentors who know how to coach children of various ages and help them master the game. Our coaches have worked out classes to provide one-one coaching for those who require them and group coaching for those who have chosen so. There is a complete curriculum to set for chess coaching, which we follow at this academy based on Praful Zaveri textbooks, and certified websites also play a role as a  teaching aid.

There are beginner classes up to advanced levels of chess coaching wherein the child can even take up competing at different stages. We mentor the child from how each piece moves to learn the objective of the movement. Slowly the coach will delve into the strategic thinking space and getting the child to master the basics. There is a rating on which the children can qualify for the next level of coaching, the intermediate level. In this level, the child is exposed to knowing various opening strategies, analyze the middle and end-game strategies. The positional understanding of the pieces is important which is emphasized by our coaching and build on tactics to be ahead of the opponent. Here the coach enables the player to play several matches and work on the playing skills and getting them to play with other children from online chess clubs or offline to gain experience of different styles of play and build on their skill. For advanced coaching, the rating has to be 1500+, wherein the coaches focus on getting the child to have an in-depth analysis of the game. Learn more about the opening of the game using gambits and attacks, employing tactics and getting to know of mating nets, etc. This is a FIDE rated coach does all. Saswath academy leaves no stone unturned with organizing monthly chess tournaments as allowing the children to have the best professional exposure to chess.

Scratch Coding

Coding is the new literacy. In Software Programming, Scratch coding is the best platform for kids to learn. As well as have fun while creating cool games and animations. Scratch is developed by MIT (USA) and admired all over the world as the best intro for coding. Coding can be introduced to children early on because kids have already been exposed to gadgets at a very young age. They would definitely be curious about how the game or computer works. You can satiate this curiosity through our academy by letting into the magical world of scratch coding. Here the basic of coding is taught most interestingly. Our coaches have developed interesting modules to teach children to scratch coding. Our coaches ensure that the kids have fun because they can now interact with graphics, animation, music that comes with scratch coding. The coaches allow kids to have ample scope for building on their creativity and go on to making their own single-user or even multi-user games and reach a stage to build apps. Learning scratch coding will help the child to learn advanced programming languages easily.

Rubik’s Cube

One of the interesting mind puzzles of the modern era is the Rubik cube. At Saswath academy, have understood that mentoring kids to solve the Rubik cube will enable us to develop a good hand and eye coordination, and develop their skills in pattern recognition and develop their memory. The children will learn to break down the problem to get the solutions. The coaches endeavor to increase the complexity of the cube after they learn to master easy ones. Solving cube requires hand to eye co-ordination, pattern recognition, further breaking down problems and solving the complexity by memory. Our coaches help kids recognize the patterns and learn by their own pace. We teach kids according to their ability, as well as not just by algorithms, even with stories..!


Saswath Academy offers robotics courses on LEGO MindStorms EV3, Dash & Dot robots. These are robots that can be used from simple movements to advanced constructions. We have a special coaching team that helps children in building robots of their won. It’s a fun, interesting assembly from getting the child to make robots simple movements to advanced construction. The kids learn through visual coding methods and how t use various sensors and finally bring it down to the construction of the actual robot and getting tot do as commanded. It’s an entire process of trial and error which the coach supervises and advises on how improvements can be made. The academy has utilized the Lego Mindstorming Dash robot programming, which enables the children to construct heir won robotic design and the make perform certain tasks. For more information, you can now reach out to us at  Kids typically learn visual coding, using different types of sensors, executing construction ideas, trial and error improvisation etc. Programming robotics is a lot more fun, as they get to construct their own robotic design as well as program the robots to do various tasks. Robotics can be even more fun with more kids working together as a team and share the fun. The programming involves block-based coding which is simple and at the same time quite powerful.

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