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Chess is an incredibly useful game. It helps in developing cognitive functions of the brain, improves memory, and increases your kid’s strategic thinking and attention span. All together this helps little minds stay calmer, collected, and more enabled to build their future.

Our world-class trainers provide the best platform for your child to build and hone their skills.

Our sessions help to bring out the best in your child. Spanning over 40+ weeks, our detailed learning program will help your child grasp the concepts and develop into Grandmasters. Each of our sessions is further divided into groups of 8, each spanning 1 hour, and can taken twice or thrice a week as per the schedule

The complexity is further classified into:

This is the first stage and is for absolute beginners. This is further classified as Upper and Lower beginner

This is the next stage of the Chess program, where the ones who are aware of the Chess game can hone their skills and practice them further. This stage is also classified as Upper and Lower Intermediate levels.

These are for kids who enjoy playing Chess and have the interest to participate in competitions. The child is also allowed to practice their moves with a robot at this level.

The basic age for joining our course is 5 years

Like any other skill, Chess needs regular and disciplined practice. Hence kids need constant encouragement to practice playing Chess

The progress of kids can be tracked through our platform.

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