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Classes for Kids

We teach Scholastic Chess in a child friendly
format, help children gain confidence and
become passionate about the game.

Why SaswathAcademy

Our core vision is to provide a conducive environment for children to learn new skills in a fun and interactive manner.

We excel in teaching chess for children of 5 to 15 years old.

  Learn from professional trainers
We offer the best learning experience with our professional, child-friendly trainers who understand every child’s learning ability and teach. Be your child an absolute beginner or a champion who needs support for competing tournaments, we got everything covered.

  Online & Offline Learning
Apart from classroom coaching, we also offer tools for the children to practice learn offline. They also join our club of 1000+ kids and play and learn with other kids of similar levels. As children learn and improve, parents can monitor their progress in the online tool.

    Best curriculum and Tournaments
We have the best level-based training, starting from absolute beginner to advanced levels. The student is graded by their chess rating and join the right level of classes. We run monthly tournaments within our academy where over hundred kids compete with each other.


Levels of learning Chess starting from Beginner to Advanced


Convenient Class
Timings everyday supporting
International timezone

25 +

Atleast 2 tournaments every month, for children to prepare and showcase their skills

1100 +

Children in
our chess club

Chess Curriculam

What your child learns at each level and the target rating to move to next level!

800ChessKid Rating

Learn to make legal moves, understand basic concepts such as check/checkmate

Lower Beginner

Principles of chess

1000ChessKid Rating

Learn to analyze mistakes, how to avoid them, understand threats and opportunites

Upper Beginner

Analyze & Improve

1200ChessKid Rating

Make plans, identify patterns from puzzles, make tactical moves. See through opponent moves, make purpose oriented play.

Lower Intermediate

Strategy & Tactics

1500ChessKid Rating

Learn advanced concepts such as zugzwang, fortress etc. Play different forms of Chess including rapid, blitz, bullet formats

Upper Intermediate

Theory & Practice

1500+ChessKid Rating

In-depth game analysis, prepering opening reportoires, positional and strategic game play. Take advantage of opening and end game advanced strategies.


Openings & Positional Play

Learn from experts with best tools!

  • Apart from classroom learning practice puzzles and games at home with Chesskid

  • Keep track of rating improvement and improve game play

  • Lessons, Videos from grandmasters available anytime, anywhere

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Meet our Team

Mr. Rajani Prasath

Chess Trainer

Ms. Shazia Shabbir Shama

Chess Trainer

Mr. Sabarish K

Chess Coach

Mr. Mohit Kewalramani

Chess & Coding Trainer

Ms. J Janani

Chess Coach

Mr. Kannan Raj

Chess & Math Trainer

Ms. Aishwarya S

Cube & Coding Teacher


Excellent teaching from Sabarish sir. May it be a single student or group of students, in between all the commotion from the students, sir delivers and makes the students understand the topics he teach each day. Icing on the cake is the puzzle race at end of each class which makes the kids think swiftly and brings competition. My kid without any push does chess homework given by sir and asks for more homework from sir each day, which shows the interest in the kid. Overall a good platform for kids to learn Chess with Sabarish sir.
March 22, 2022.
I started with Saswath Academy for my son during the first lockdown. I was desperate to see him engaged and active during those tough times. I'm glad I took the right decision. The academy is very professional and well managed. They take great care and patience in engaging with the kids, all the faculties/coaches are knowledgeable and abreast of the latest teaching techniques; and best part is, they know how to handle kids. My 7 year son looks forward to his chess and coding classes every week. I just have one regret, I din't have access to a class like this during my childhood 😀
Arindam Basu
Arindam Basu
March 15, 2022.
My kids aged 10 and 8 have been attending chess classes for 1.5 years. They enjoy the online classes . I have recommended mind mentorz to my friends and their kids as well👍
March 13, 2022.
my son started taking classes from saswath academy. He fell motivated while attending classes in this academy because the way they teach to students if diffrent from others academy .There are diffrent tournaments which is organised for the students .I highly recommend this academy for achieve something in life
John Malfait
John Malfait
June 25, 2021.
My experience in saswath academy is really very well. Classes are full of fun , activities and of course chess. Very good trainers , they guide properly to me .Experience trainers , good environment , with live projects based learning that is very important in life .
George Patriki
George Patriki
June 21, 2021.
Very cooperative people and welcoming teachers!
140 Gargie Patil
140 Gargie Patil
May 11, 2021.
My son got enrolled here for online chess classes. Its been a great experience to see him improving from beginner to intermediate. Great teachers and enjoyable classes for kids. Thanks to all in the academy who supported the process. Highly recommend this academy for chess classes for kids.
Aswath Narayan
Aswath Narayan
May 6, 2021.


How long will it take to learn Chess?

Learning the basics of the game could be taught relatively quickly. However, becoming a consistent winner can take years of training and practice. Our teaching method allows your child to practice the concepts and strategies of chess and put them into immediate use while playing against their peers.

Will my child get chance to speak in group class? Will it be chaos and noisy?

We understand this legitimate concern. Our coaches are exactly trained to address this. Although it’s the nature of children to be vocal when they know something, we ensure every child is given due attention. It also helps boost the confidence for a child when they get appreciation among other children and over time they open up and talk.

I don’t know if my child will show interest in the course and learn. Can I try?

We offer one free trial class to see if our format works for you, whether your child enjoys the class and they can understand the teaching. With just one class, not much can be learnt but children often need at least a few classes to pickup an interest.

Sticking consistently to a class schedule and encouraging the child to experiment on their own after the class, helps them to pick up interest. If you think, the course has value and want your child to learn, all they need is right environment and encouragement. So go ahead and enroll, if it is not working out, you can cancel anytime.

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