Checkmating the COVID by e-Learning

The worldwide outbreak of the Coronavirus has given rise to the global pandemic. COVID-19 originated in the Wuhan city of China back in December, 2019. Since then it has been spreading everywhere around the globe. Being a deadly and contagious disease, social distancing is one of the only ailments preferable to prevent getting affected by it. Lockdown had been imposed in various countries in which only regular daily need shops were kept open and all the community buildings like school, colleges, educational institutions, cinema theatres, malls, etc. were shut. In such a catastrophic situation, the question of educating the children was posed in from of the government as well as the parents and guardians. Education is one of the important aspects which cannot be neglect come what may. So, the studies of the young minds could not be compromised. There had to be a substitution of the traditional learning methods which could easily work as the replacement so that learning curve does not get broken.

In these testing times of the human history, online e-learning came like a knight in the shining armor. The schools and colleges switched over to the online platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. to host the online classes. This ensures that the education of the youth of the country is not being compromised and also that they are able to learn while just sitting at their homes safely. The medical safety of the tutors, mentors and fountain heads is also of immense priority.

Asian boy student video conference e-learning with teacher and classmates on computer in living room at home. Homeschooling and distance learning ,online ,education and internet.

e-Learning -a new era emerges after COVID-19

In such a state of crisis, neither the students nor the teachers can go out and e-learning has made the process of education to go on unhindered. The educational institutions have released the time tables with time slots comfortable to the majority of the learners. Even in the worst case if someone is unable to attend the online class, he or she can study through the recorded lecture. This not only eradicates the inability to learn in unavoidable situations but also evokes the interest of the students since they are able to learn at whatever time suitable for them.

The biggest benefit of eLearning is the utter lack of pressure. Because you get to set your own schedule and study only when you have time, eLearning makes learning not something you have to get over with, but something you look forward to! From experience, you learn more when you enjoy the process.

Mark Hayes, Marketing Head, Kintell

e-Learning is proving beneficial for students

Apart from the curriculum of the institution a student might be enrolled in, there are a number of e-learning websites have come up with a large variety of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) which students can avail either free of cost or at quite economical prices. Many institutions have collaborated with such websites and are together aiming to provide the best quality education through lectures from the experts to the avid learners. This is proving to be of great help to the aspirers as they not only get a tremendous variety of courses to choose from but also they are from celebrated experts from various reputes universities from all over the world. There is an option wherein the self-paced courses can be chosen. This enables easy learning as per one’s own convenience and there is no hitch of lagging behind the schedule or unable to attend at any particular fixed time.

Learn Online with Saswath Academy

We at Saswath Academy, long before COVID outbreak, embraced technology and designed our courses taking advantage of both offline class room coaching and online tools for teaching children. In our Chess we use portals like ChessKid.com for teaching/tracking. In Programming, we use Google Classroom, for remote connectivity we use Zoom. This helps to run courses for different students taking classes at their own pace. With passionate coaches and inquisitive children, COVID is well, Checkmated 🙂