How to boost ratings (Level-wise)
How to boost ratings (Level-wise)

It involves all the aspects like analytical thinking, art of decision making and thinking way forward than the present situation. It is the presence of mind of the player that paves a path to his ultimate head to success or victory, whichever way we call it.

Slow chess
Slow chess

Slow Chess is relatively slower as compared to other kinds of chess and unlike them, it is meant to enhance the quality as well as the integrity of the game. For the beginners trying to learn how to play chess in the initial stages, slow chess helps develop the good thinking abilities

Youngest Chess Players

These master minds of chess have proven that age is not a factor if one strives to achieve a certain goal. At very young age, these incredible champions have all succeeded in securing a place for them in the world of chess which has fetched them both name and fame. Know more about them by reading this.

Beautiful Chess Pieces
Beautiful Chess Pieces

In the contemporary times, a huge number of designers, architects, and luxury brands have put in all their creativity and innovation to launch exquisite chess sets with the new and fresh interpretation of the chess pieces or use of high end materials. Read More.

Major chess events in 2021

‘I am always looking forward to learn new things in my life.’ -Shikhar Dhawan How simple yet subtle these words from one of the Indian cricket champions sound to be! Despite the hopelessness and despondency that might be prevailing in one’s life, always striving to look and then move forward is truly an art which […]

Chess Tournament Varieties

One of the oldest games known to the human kind, Chess, has developed its course over a tremendously long period of time and it is what has made it reach the diverse form in which it exists today. A popular way in which the spirit of chess players is celebrated throughout the world is through […]

Best Books on Scratch Coding

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