Who we are?

Saswath Academy is a online platform for parents to find quality Chess, Rubik’s Cube and Computer programming classes for children, taught by qualified coaches online. We believe in providing the best possible learning experience to our students by hiring only the best coaching instructors who have a great passion to teach these subjects.

We at Saswath Academy, initially started as a franchisee of Mindmentorz and later on moved into online-only operation during the 2020 pandemic. Since then, Saswath Academy has grown to be the go-to place for kids from different countries as a professional chess learning academy. During the pandemic times, Saswath Academy merged with Mind mentorz bringing a lot of synergy in chess coaching, especially in conducting tournaments, advanced level training, more variety of coaches. we are not only strengthened with each other’s years of experience but also benefit from the individual talents that each of our professional coaches bring to the table.

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Our Approach is Simple

An essential part of a children’s growth is learning to make better decisions, develop patience, coping with losses, develop an attitude for success and be more competitive. This is where parents and teachers need to come together in children’s cognitive and analytical development. At Saswath Academy, we abide by a simple strategy that can help the child in this scenario. We call this strategy as GBM – Guidance, Behavior & Motivation. We strive to provide children with all tools they need for success.

Making Your Learning Experience More Meaningful

Online Chess Classes for Kids
We believe that learning online should be a fun and enjoyable experience for children of all ages. Whether it is Math, Chess, Rubik’s Cube training or computer programming – We want to make the process simple and engaging so you can focus on what matters: having an excellent learning experience!
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Often, children learn best when they are allowed to participate in an activity with their peers. We encourage this type of learning because it fosters a friendly environment where everyone is there for each other and promotes team-based discussion.
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We are committed to nurturing the child’s natural curiosity as they learn and grow. Our learning courses encourage exploration, which is why we foster a more exploratory pattern rather than rote learning.
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Keeping your child entertained and interested is essential for their growth. We believe that children need to understand the importance of being a good sport, working hard and having fun to know how best to act in life when faced with challenges.

How kids learn the skill

Chess, Coding, Rubik’s, Language are all skills. We have an innovative approach to build it!
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    School academics are more like climbing ladders, all children must learn at the same pace. We use an approach, that is different. Our teaching is like spiral-shaped to help kids advance through levels on their own personalized speed.
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    Our classes are structured as eight one hour sessions in a single series. These eight sessions are learning cycles in which the concepts are repeated within each category. New ideas build on gradually. Even if a child attends few days in a week, all concepts will be covered for them over time.
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    Our curriculum and valuation for each of these courses are structured as eight sessions. At the end of eight sessions, the teacher will evaluate the progress of each child. As part of class sessions, there are tournaments and competitions relevant to each course. Children get certifications and lot of motivation to compete within and across the groups in the academy.
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