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for children!
Chess is a great way to teach children the skills they need for life. It helps young minds to gain focus, patience , critical and analytical thinking, dedication and a mindset for success! Book a Free Demo Class

From Our Team

Praveen Sagar

FIDE Certified Arena Grand Master
Professional Trainer for Advanced Levels

Mohit Kewalramani

Professional Chess Trainer &
Mentor for Children

Shashank Udupa

FIDE Certified Chess Coach,
Professional Chess Player 

Chess & Rubik's Cube Classes

(5 to 15 years)
Chess requires lot of practice like any other sport. Our academy has the best format for children to practice and friendly coaches to help children play with confidence against any opponent!
Rubik's Cube
(7 to 15 years)
Solving Cube gives children hand and eye coordination, pattern matching and mind for solving problems. Moreover children will love being able to show off their cube solving skills!
Rubik's Cube
Learn Effectively
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    Well-experienced, professional, and friendly trainers
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    Comprehensive curriculum, right from basics to advanced
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    Small Groups as a best way to learn by sharing ideas
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    See children’s Learning and progress online
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    Competitions and certification
Enroll Confidently
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    Free trial class before enrolling
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    Affordable packages for each student’s requirements
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    Great discounts for enrolling more than 8 classes
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    Flexible schedule, you choose the day and time
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    No Questions, Cancel anytime and get refund on remaining classes


How does it work? How do I join the classes?

You start with a free trial/demo class. You can book a free demo class by filling up the form in this page. Alternatively you can call or whatsapp message us to get started.

How long will it take to learn Chess?

Learning the basics of the game could be taught relatively quickly. However, becoming a consistent winner can take years of training and practice. Our teaching method allows your child to practice the concepts and strategies of chess and put them into immediate use while playing against their peers.

Will my child get chance to speak in group class? Will it be chaos and noisy?

We understand this legitimate concern. Our coaches are exactly trained to address this. Although it’s the nature of children to be vocal when they know something, we ensure every child is given due attention. It also helps boost the confidence for a child when they get appreciation among other children and over time they open up and talk.

I don’t know if my child will show interest in the course and learn. Can I try?

We offer one free trial class to see if our format works for you, whether your child enjoys the class and they can understand the teaching. With just one class, not much can be learnt but children often need at least a few classes to pickup an interest.

Sticking consistently to a class schedule and encouraging the child to experiment on their own after the class, helps them to pick up interest. If you think, the course has value and want your child to learn, all they need is right environment and encouragement. So go ahead and enroll, if it is not working out, you can cancel anytime.

Can I get a discount?

Our fees are based on the timing you choose and the number of classes. We offer the same price for all levels in Chess. We offer free demo class for you. After the demo, based on Coach’s evaluation we suggest to enroll your kid in the respective level.

We do offer 10% discount for siblings and 2 additional classes when you refer a friend and they join us. Other than referral and sibling discounts, the fee is same for all.

How can I learn chess online?

Saswath Academy offers the best online Chess course for beginners to Advanced level with a focus to teach chess as a life skill. We conduct the classes via zoom and use child friendly online tools such as Chesskid. Take a trial class online and see for yourself!

How much Chess classes cost for kids?

At Saswath Academy, we offer the same price for all levels starting from Rs. 3068 (including GST). This is for a single cycle of 8 classes. You may choose packages with multiples of 8 class cycles and get discounts.

Need more detail?

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