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We offer skill-development courses for children including Scholastic Chess, Software programming, Rubik's cube, Math and Robotics. These help young minds to gain focus, patience, critical and analytical thinking, perseverance and a mindset for Success! Book a Free Demo Class

Our Courses

Beginner to Advanced levels, content-rich sessions. Professional and friendly coaches. Min. age 5yrs.
Animation, Game Apps, Mobile App Development, Web page design and Robotics. Block-based coding. Min. age 5yrs.
Learn ABACUS Math, beat the calculator. An innovative technique for solving math problems. Min Age. 5yrs.
Solve variety of Rubik’s cubes with simple stories instead of complex
algorithms. Learn Speed cubing. Min. Age: 7yrs.

Why Saswath Academy?

Schedule timings per day
Hours / 5 levels For Chess
Streams of Programming
Cube Solutions
Students in a month
  • We are one of the best chess academies online, providing an option to opt for either online classes or in-person training.
  • We hoard a comprehensive curriculum spanning over 40 weeks of continuous learning, aimed at excellence!
  • We have well-experienced, professional, and friendly trainers, who are FIDE rated – They take good care of your kid’s intellectual and emotional well-being!
  • Kids as young as 5- year- old can enrol with us and for all beginners, a three-day one-on-one class will be provided
  • We promote group learning as it is best to learn by sharing ideas
  • Our system is well equipped for both online and in-class training
  • We organize weekly competitions for practice and monthly tournaments to make your kids future ready!
  • We record your child’s progress on our platform, which assists us to track and rate our champ’s performance!
  • Come be a part of our club and celebrate the excellence of over 1000 brilliant kids!

Our core values

Learning & Fun
We believe learning should be enjoyable for children of tender age. Be it Math or Chess or Programming. It must be simple and fun-filled.
Collaborative Environment
Children learn effectively through active group participation than only by being given information. We foster a friendly team-based learning
Explorative Learning
Exploration is a powerful motivator for learning. All our skill building courses are designed with explorative pattern. We do not insist on rote-learning rather we encourage the children to think and grow.
Being the best
Being the best
We believe children should be allowed to realize the importance of understanding the system, be a good sport, and have fun. Building such traits naturally enables them to be the best in whatever they want to achieve.

Upcoming Events

6th March IST


Chess Practice Tournament – All levels – 3 PM IST – Only for SA students

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7th March


International – Chess Practice Tournament – All levels – 9 PM IST – Only for SA students

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21st March 03:00PM IST


Hour of Code” Scratch Programming Competition – Open for All – 5-10yr old kids – Registration – 300/-Rs Winners – 500/-Rs Amazon Coupon and Certificate

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13-03-2021 To 04-04-2021

Chess Championship 2021

Karnataka State Open Fide Rating Chess Championship 2021


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